Pre-treatment of Culture Media with an Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Alters Daily Response of Dinoflagellate Cultures to Space Weather Variables Similar to Direct Magnetic Exposure
Paulo Vale
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Biophysical Analysis of Water Exposed to the Meditative Energy Field: Plausible Correlation to Neurophysiological Observations?
Dipita Bhattacharyya, Bhisma N Ratha, Ipsita Chakraborty, Gourav Shome, Ranit Pariary, Chumki Nayak, Achintya Singha, Ashish Kalawar, Nakul C Maiti, Atin K Mandal, Ambareesh Modak, Anirban Bhunia
Summary | Full Text |  PDF
Microstructure of Water Sediments on Hydrophilic Surfaces
Yakhno TA, Sanin AG, Yakhno VG
Summary | Full Text |  PDF
Energizing Water through Static Storage: Integrated Research and Development of Storage Containers
Johansson B and Capjon J
Summary | Full Text |  PDF
Multidimensional Statistical Patterns Observed on Water Drops Corona Discharge Pictures
Raveloson F, Roussel J, Vandanjon L, de la Bardonnie H
Summary | Full Text |  PDF
Microcystis aeruginosa Blooms in an Unlikely Riverine Ecosystem: A Waste Treatment Lagoon Source?
Polera ME, Erwin PM, Mallin MA, Saul BC, Synan HD4, Cahoon LB
Summary | Full Text |  PDF
Serious Problems with Saeed & Lee’s “Experimental Determination of Proton-Cation Exchange Equilibrium Constants at Water-Membrane Interface Fundamental to Bioenergetics”
Todd P. Silverstein
Summary | Full Text |  PDF
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