WATER is an interdisciplinary journal that brings together research from diverse disciplines. Throughout all of nature water plays pivotal roles, and the goal of this open-access journal is to provide a forum within which workers in one discipline can gain access to the understanding gained in others. WATER is meant to serve as a communication hub, as well as a forum for endeavors not covered by existing journals.

WATER’s focus is on experimental work, although theoretical/computational approaches will be considered if they are accompanied by serious experimental studies. WATER carries original research papers, reviews, and tutorials on advances made within the journal’s scope. All articles are peer-reviewed, and reviewer comments, together with responses by authors, are published as an integral part of each paper.

Disciplines covered by the journal include but are not limited to the following:

  • chemistry of water
  • physics of water
  • water in animal biology
  • water in plant, agricultural, food, and pharmaceutical science
  • water in environmental science
  • water in oceanographic and atmospheric science
The following are ten reasons to consider publishing your paper in WATER:

  1. Your work will be read not only by scientists in your immediate field, but also by those in fields beyond.
  2. Content is consistently fresh because the journal welcomes well-supported results that do not necessarily fit into generally held views..
  3. An open standard of peer review minimizes prejudice and favoritism.
  4. Discussion-with-reviewers feature allows sensible as well as controversial arguments to be included in your paper.
  5. There are no submission or publication fees of any kind.
  6. There are no reader-access fees, a feature that promotes wide readership.
  7. You retain copyright to your paper. Permission to reproduce your own figures or tables is not required.
  8. Your paper will be published speedily.
  9. You need not pay for reprints; simply inform people of your article’s web address.
  10. You will be publishing in a journal founded by scientists for the benefit of scientists. No intermediary profit-making entity is involved.
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