Magnetic Effects on the Polarization Parameters of Free Electrons in Quantum Field Theory

Claudio Verzegnassi, AMeC (Association for Medicine and Complexity), Trieste, Italy

Roberto Germano*, PROMETE_ CNR Spin Off, Napoli, Italy

*Corresponding author

Submitted: February 6, 2019; Revised: August 5, 2019; Accepted: October 7, 2019; Published: December 17, 2019; Available Online: December 17, 2019

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2019.4



We computed, in the Quantum Field Theory approach, the effects of a weak magnetic field on the two quantities that we defined as polarization parameters of a system of free electrons. We show that these two parameters determine the calculable change of the energy of the system under a magnetic field. We show that a magnetic field can also change the values of these parameters, leading to possibly observable effects on the free electron system. We propose performing an experimental test of the previous statement, assuming the existence and the properties of the Pollack “fourth phase of water.”

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