Plant Electro-tropism

Author: Ramthun AD, 116 Standard Ave., Winsted, CT 06098,

(This paper was developed on the author’s own time and his expense and is not affiliated with any organization.)

Received November 22, 2015; Revised July 24, 2016; Accepted July 26, 2016; Published March 13, 2017;

Available Online March 14, 2017.

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2016.6



Electric forces on and within the mature sprout system of woody plants have the strength to define the plant’s growth, direction, and shape. Each branch and plant also electrically influences the shape and direction of neighboring branches and plants.

This paper has transient voltage recordings of 1) Aspen (populus grandidentata), 2) Blue Spruce, (picea pungens), 3) Sugar Maple (acer saccharum), and 4) Corn (zea maize). The recordings show that large numbers electrons are flowing upwards on and in woody plants (trees). These electrons cover the plant and are proposed to create an electron cloud within the plant’s physical space. EZ water ions are proposed to collect inside the branch tips. The EZ water ions, electrons, and the earth’s electric field ions are used to calculate local bud system forces. These forces as calculated are pro-posed to be strong enough to direct the tree branches to be three dimensional (3d) solid copies of electric field “lines of force” as it grows.

A corn plant experiment shows the electron source is coming from outside the plant. An additional experiment shows a corn plant is moved by a horizontal electric field.

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