On Accurate Differential Measurements with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

S.Kernbach, I.Kuksin, O.Kernbach

Cybertronica Research, Research Center of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science, 
Melunerstr. 40, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

serge.kernbach@cybertronica.co, igor.kuksin@cybertronica.co, olga.kernbach@cybertronica.co

Received May 15, 2016; Revised August 2, 2016; Accepted September 1, 2016; Published: May 26, 2017;

Available online: June 5, 2017

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2016.8



This paper describes the impedance spectroscopy adapted for analysis of small electrochemical changes in fluids. To increase accuracy of measurements the differential approach with temperature stabilization of fluid samples and electronics is used. The impedance analysis is performed by the single point DFT, signal correlation, calculation of RMS amplitudes and interference phase shift. For test purposes the samples of liquids and colloids are treated by fully shielded electromagnetic generators and passive cone-shaped structures. Fluidic samples collected from different geological locations are also analysed. In all tested cases we obtained different results for impacted and non-impacted samples, moreover, a degradation of electrochemical stability after treatment is observed. This method is used in laboratory analysis of weak emissions and ensures a high repeatability of results.

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