Energizing Water through Dynamic Flow

Johansson Ba,*, Trousdell Ib, Capjon Jc

a Akloma Bioscience AB, Medeon Science Park, 212 05 Malmö, Sweden

b Foundation for Water, Sussex, UK

c University of South-Eastern Norway, 31184 Borre, Norway

* Corresponding author: Email: benny@akloma.com

Keywords: Flowform, water ordering, reduction in IR emission, fractal scaling, long-range correlation, self-regulation, quantum dynamics

Published: January 24, 2021

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2020.4



This study investigates the energy state in dynamic active flow obtained from four different flow-surface designs (i.e., Flowforms or FFs). The study was performed on two ceramic single-vessel units (i.e., the Manawa vase and Matatiki bowl), the three-vessel Glonn vertical stack, and the twelve-vessel Greenhouse vertical stack. The original water was a spring water obtained from Maglehem, Sweden. The results show that the Manawa vase and Greenhouse stack transform less organized low-grade thermal energy obtained from the environment into high-grade energy by means of the induced formation of energizing double-vortex figure-eight streaming flow in water through running water over a specific flow surface technology. The high and low-density liquid fluctuations of water from the Matatiki bowl and Glonn vertical stack vessels are proposed to shift toward a dominance of the high-density liquid, less than the 80% of ordinary water at room temperature and aligned with the tentative formation of a previously unidentified density state of liquid water. The thermal infrared (IR) emissions from the water surface as well as reduced redox potential and increased pH identified physically distinct concentric and condensed temperature gradient zones with long-term consistency, aligned as a low-entropy state of ordered coherence that implies a considerably decreased intrinsic mobile water state in water from all four FFs. A strong fractal power-law relationship revealed that fractal scaling geometry is part of coherent water ordering and that thermal IR flickering relates to a long-range correlation between water molecules, considered a manifestation of the underlying quantum dynamics in two of the four tested FFs, the Manawa vase and Greenhouse stack.

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