Detecting Subtle Field Effect from Coral Calcium via Droplet Evaporation Method

Igor Jerman1

1 BION Institute, Physiological testing department, Stegne 21, 1000 Ljubljana,
Slovenia; EU;


Keywords: droplet evaporation method, coral calcium, subtle field,
mesoscopic water, droplet remnant pattern, Marangoni flow

Published: January 24, 2021

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2020.3



Besides chemical characteristics, material systems also possess physical characteristics, from generally known up to quantum fields. Such fields denoted as subtle fields may be important in coordinating living processes and may also be imprinted into materials built by organisms, like an exoskeleton. In the present research, we tackled the exploration of the possible remnants of the subtle field of biological origin in coral calcium (CC) using the method of droplet evaporation images analysis. To go deeper into the effects of CC, we decided to examine not only pure CC but also the basic mineral with some additions that should change the influencing subtle field. The results demonstrated that CC could indeed influence the droplet remnant pattern formation even at a distance, i.e., in a field-like manner. Different varieties of CC proved also to have different field impacts on droplet remnant formation; but in general, they all distinctly differ from calcium sand that functions as the control substance.

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