High Dilutions

Non-Destructive and Non-Invasive Methods in Research on the Effects of Water and Ultra-High Dilution Preparations on Plants: An Overview

Zanco JJ1

Professor and researcher at UniSul University (http://unisul.br), http://lattes.cnpq.br/3951961052108211

*Correspondence: jasper.zanco@animaeducacao.com.br

Keywords: gas discharge visualization, biospeckle laser, computer vision, plant analysis

• Received: November 8, 2021
• Revised: January 31, 2022
• Accepted: March 2, 2022
• Published: April 25, 2022




This article reviews part of the history of ultra-high dilution (UHD) research or homeopathy applied to plants and water. The scientific relationship between European and Brazilian groups has resulted in solid research, producing evidence that had not previously been proposed. Amidst this evolution, new technologies have emerged, and some are discussed here. This review emphasizes diagnostic experiments using low-power laser and cold plasma generated images. Both technologies are methods discussed to assess seed germination and identify beneficial effects of UHDs in plants and water.

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