Very Dilute Aqueous Solutions — Structural and Electromagnetic Phenomena

Yinnon TA1*

1K. Kalia, D.N. Kikar Jordan 90666, Israel

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Keywords: Water molecule aggregates; serially diluted aqueous solutions; electromagnetic fields; domains; quantum electrodynamic domains; coherence domains; ferroelectric orderings.

Received: November 23, 2016; Revised: September 6, 2017; Accepted: September 15, 2017; Published: November 24, 2017; Available Online: November 24, 2017

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2017.4



Very dilute aqueous solutions have properties which are of importance for wastewater treatment, toxicology and pharmacology. Such solutions typically have concentrations below about 10-6 – 10-10 mol/liter. According to the customary theories, such solutions and distilled water should have similar structural, physicochemical and biological properties. However, previous experimental studies revealed that this is not always the case. When these solutions are prepared by serial dilutions and vigorous shaking after each dilution step, their properties may considerably differ from those of distilled water. Their properties may also significantly differ from those of serially diluted solutions with the same chemical composition, which were not vigorously shaken after each dilution step. In the current study, the following phenomena of serially diluted, vigorously shaken aqueous solutions are analyzed: (a) their self-similar topology, (b) their emission of ultra low frequency (ULF) radiation; (c) 7.85 Hz alternating magnetic fields affecting their structure, and (d) their structure after dilution below 10-24 mol/liter. Since ambient electromagnetic fields affect these phenomena, the analyses are carried out within the context of quantum electro-dynamics (QED). The analyses show that the QED model for serially diluted, vigorously shaken aqueous solutions, as developed by Yinnon and Yinnon [Int J Mod Phys B 25:3707-3743 (2011)], provides consistent explanations for phenomena (a)-(d).

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