Effects of Radio Frequency Water Treatment  on Revival of Wilted Flowers

Andrew Holster 

ATASA Research, New Zealand

Correspondence Email: ATASA030@gmail.com

Correspondence Address: 93 Omaru Rd., RD3, Te Kuiti, New Zealand.

Keywords: RF water treatment, EM water treatment, exclusion zone water, EZ water, Vi Aqua, flower wilting, magnetic water memory

Draft 3. 31 Oct 2015, Te Kuiti, New Zealand.

Received February 8, 2015; Revised October 18, 2015; Accepted November 28, 2016; Published March 16, 2017; Available Online March 17, 2017

doi: 10.14294/WATER.2016.7



An experiment to detect an effect of radio frequency (RF) radiation (27.5 MHz) on properties of water through its effects on the revival of wilted catsear dandelions was performed. The RF treatment was applied using a commercial product, the “Vi~Aqua PlantMate.” Around 1,500 pairs of stems were tested in the experiment. There is a long-standing controversy over whether RF treatment has any long-lasting effects on properties of water. Effects were found when treated water contained significant impurities, and when the RF treatment was applied to the flower stems while immersed in the treated water. The positive results indicate that the RF treatment significantly affects water transport within the plant. It is inferred that it enhances osmosis into cells and capillary transport through the plant’s vascular system. The effects began to show after about 20 minutes, and efficacy of the water treatment lasted for a period of at least several hours. The primary aim was to verify the phenomena. The challenge to explain the phenomena is briefly addressed in discussion. Pollack’s (2013) EZ (Exclusion Zone) theory is suggested as the primary framework for an explanation. It is suggested that the RF treatment does not provide the energy responsible, but catalyzes absorption of free IR (Infrared) or MW (Microwave) radiation by the water, and this energy is stored as electrical energy through the creation of EZ structures.

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