Bulk Water with Exclusion Zone Water Characteristics: Experimental Evidence of Interaction With a Non-physical Agent

Dibble WE1*, Kaszyk J2, Tiller WA1

1The William A. Tiller Institute, 909 S. Pinecone St., Payson, AZ 85541, USA

2Kasz Enterprises, Inc., PO Box 13835, Palm Desert, CA 92255, USA

*Correspondence E-mail: wdibble526@gmail.com

Key Words: EZ water, UV absorbance, Light scattering, Subtle energy

Received Oct 28th, 2013; Revised Dec 13th, 2013; Accepted Dec 15th, 2013; Published March 20th, 2014; Available online March 25th, 2014

doi: 10.14294/WATER.2013.14



The UV absorption spectrum of exclusion zone (EZ) water has been used to define the unique signature of this type of water structure. Specifically, an absorption peak at a wavelength of 270 nm is found to be characteristic of EZ water. We present experimental evidence that this same behavior can be found in certain bulk waters. This includes waters not contaminated by organic substances that are known to absorb UV radiation at this wavelength.

We present UV absorption data for bulk water treated using a remote treatment method (both before and after treatment) that shows the characteristic 270 nm peak only after such treatment. In addition, an inflection point (shoulder) at 210 nm is found which is a new spectroscopic feature for this type of treated water. These treated waters also show unique and characteristic light scattering features that have not been reported before. Anomalous turbidity enhanced by the input of mechanical energy appears to be characteristic of these treated waters.

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