The Effects of Subtle External Stimuli on Chiral Symmetry Breaking During Crystallization of Sodium Chlorate from Aqueous Solutions

B. Rubik1

Institute for Frontier Science, 6114 LaSalle Ave PMB 605, Oakland, CA 94611, USA


Keywords: magnetic field, acoustic field, water structurizer, structured water, activated water, subtle field, subtle energy, torsion field, crystallization, chirality

Published: June 13, 2021

DOI: 10.14294/WATER.2021.1



How does chiral symmetry breaking occur such that biomolecules have a distinct handedness that is essential for life? The purpose of this study is to test whether certain subtle external stimuli influence chiral symmetry breaking using a model system of sodium chlorate crystallization from aqueous solutions. In 28 controlled experiments, aliquots of a stock solution of sodium chlorate (NaClO3) were transferred to crystallization dishes and incubated 24-30 hours. Crystals formed slowly by evaporation under isothermal conditions. Controls were left untreated while test solutions were exposed to the following subtle external stimuli: (1) a dynamic magnetic field; (2) 432 Hz sine wave acoustic field; (3) Amezcua BioDisc-3, a purported water structurizer; (4) Purple Plate, a subtle energy product; and a (5) wooden pyramidal structure. In addition, several experiments were performed with solutions using Vivo® structured water, a commercial product. The number and chirality of crystals from all experiments were analyzed using polarimetry to distinguish d-crystals from l-crystals. Data was pooled for each exposure condition. While controls yielded no significant difference in the percentage of d-crystals and l-crystals, a significantly larger percentage of d-crystals were found for test conditions (2) 67% (p=0.049); (3) 81% (p=0.034); and (4) 64.9% (p=0.003). Test conditions (1), (5), and Vivo® aqueous solutions produced insignificant differences. This study demonstrates that aqueous solutions are open systems that may be impacted by certain subtle external stimuli that influence solute crystallization and chiral asymmetry.

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